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A HR Manager who has earned up to 7000$ a month from just working online has revealed the way that how someone can earn up to 50000$ a month from just sitting in his home.

Ruth Hinds (HR Manager) belonging to Durhams earn money through blogger,selling things and services on E Bay, Match betting and you can also do that.

Mostly the HR Manager got her most of the money from Freelancing work.

She told in an interview’I run a pre-loved and vintage clothing business on eBay, I create and sell online courses, I do some consulting and I do some matched betting.

Nowadays She is busy in encouraging the people to earn 7000$ a month to make there life style better.

She also share some tips and tricks in her interview:”Focus on just one thing at a time. It’s great to have multiple income streams, but you can’t build everything from scratch at the same time.

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