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Today I will share the tips of Neil Patel how he get 37000 visitors on his blog


Are you tired of writing blog posts that no one reads? And you know what, you’re not alone.I used to be there.But that doesn’t happen to me anymore.My latest blog post got over 37,000 visitors.And you know what,it’s not just my latest blog post,almost each and every single one of my blog posts gets around 37,000 visitors.I’m Neil Patel.And today I’m gonna share with youhow I generate 37,391 visitors to each and every single one of my blog posts.I’m gonna show you today how you can generate you over 1,000 visitors at least.Yeah,you can work your way up there.But you should get at least 1,000 visitors.

Tips to get 37000 visitors:-

The first tip I have for you is when you write a blog post,you’re naturally linking up to people.
If you’re not, that means you’re not citing your sources,you don’t have references in there,it’s not gonna make you seem like a expert.So for example, if I have a stat in one of my blog posts,
I link out to where I got that stat from.By linking out to other websites,it’ll help you get more traffic.
Here’s what I mean.Let’s say I linked out to this guy named Chris,and he has an amazing blog about marketing.I would email him being like,
Hey Chris, I have to say I’m a huge fan of your work.”So much so I linked out to you in my latest blog post.
“Cheers, Neil Patel.
“If you share this blog post “on your favorite social network,”it would make my day.”Sending simple emails like that out to everyone you link to is likely to generate a ton of social shares.Especially if you link out to popular people in big websites.Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter how big someone is,
when you link to someone, it’s flattery.They’re more likely to share it.Even when I get those emails, it works on me.And hey, I’m the one who ended up creating this template and it still works on me and I’m still sharing it.If you don’t believe me, link out to me,send me one of those emails, and I’ll share it.Of course don’t link out to me for the sake of it,it has to be relevant for your audience.

The second tip I want you to follow is to share your content on all your profiles.And I don’t mean just going to Facebook and going to LinkedIn,and going to Twitter and sharing your content.I’m talking about when you share your blog post on Facebook, write a few sentences before you post it.Same with LinkedIn.Same with all the major social networks out there.And I don’t want you to do this once,I want you to share the same piece of content multiple times throughout the next six months. This ensures that your content, your site is continually getting more and more traffic over time.
Now I have a quick question for you.How many of you share your content more than once on the same social site? If you share it more than once,leave a comment with the number.Whether it’s three or five or one,if you only share it once, that’s fine.Leave a comment with one.I’m curious, my rule of thumb is I share my blog posts on Twitter six times per year.So if I write a blog post,I spread it out and I share that post once every two months.And I’m just curious how often you’re doing it.I mean, ’cause a lot of people are like,”You know you can do that,that could be spamming.”But you know what, I get literally no complaints from it.

The third tip I have for you is to respond to all comments.And no, I’m not just talking about the comments on your blog but I’m talking about the comments on your Facebook, LinkedIn,and any major social network out there.Here’s the thing that most people don’t tell you,especially marketers.If you look at the social algorithms,a comment has more emphasis than a like.Think about it, it’s harder for someone to leave a comment.Harder for you to respond.So when you see people leaving comments on your social profiles when you’re promoting your blog posts, respond.By doing that, it’s gonna create more engagement,cause that post to spread more,cause you to get more traffic.And here’s what I do, and here’s a little quick trick,when I respond to a comment,in some cases I’ll answer
them and I’ll leave,I’ll end the comment with another question which encourages them to come back
and leave another comment,which then increases my reach even more.

The fourth tip I do, is I email out everyone on my list about my latest blog post.So I write this blog post, it’s out there,I wanna notify all my email list subscribers.If you don’t have a big email list,
start using tools like HelloBar to collect more emails.It works great.And by doing this, what you’ll find is you’ll get a slew of people really quickly to go to your blog post.Make sure that you send out the email blast within the first hour the blog post comes out.’Cause this is also when you want it to go viral on the social sites like Facebook, or Twitter.And what you wanna do within your blog post is make sure you have those icons,for things like share on Twitter,share on Facebook.Makes it easy for them to click a button,get more engagement.Because if your post right when it comes out gets more engagement on Facebook,what do you think’s gonna happen?It goes viral.That’s much more effective than if your post generated a ton of shares over the next week.It’s better to get all those shares right up front right when it comes out.

The next tip is send out a push notification.So with your website, your blog,you should be using tools like Subscribers.That way when people come to your site they can subscribe with one click and then you can send a message every time you release a new blog post.Similar to email blast, right when your blog post comes out,you wanna send out that push notification blast.It’s a great way to get all those people coming to your website which then encourages that post to go viral on Facebook or any of the major social platforms that you’re leveraging.

The sixth tip I have for you is see who shared out similar content on the web.So you can go to BuzzSumo type in other related terms,or technically terms related to the article you just wrote, see all the other related articles,and click on view shares.This will show you all the other peoplewho shared your competitors content.You can hit them up and be like,
“Hey John,
“I noticed you shared X-Y and
Z article by author A-B and C.
“I have a similar one that came out.
“Cheers, Neil.”

A lot of times they’ll respond back with yes.

And the last tip I have for you,and this is a bonus tip that very few people talk about,it’s not really a marketing technique,but it ensures that your posts gets the most Google traffic over time.And this simple tip is to update your content.Because there’s so many blogs out there and so many blog posts,
there’s content on everything under the sun.You wanna keep your content up-to-date.Google now has an option,the choice to only show the latest and greatest.They’re not lacking content to index,they’re not gonna show five-year-old posts when they can show better quality posts that are less than one year old.So try to keep your blog posts up-to-date.Once a year, go to all your most popular posts and update them.So that’s it.Hopefully this helps you get at least 1,000 visitors per blog post.It should, if it doesn’t leave a comment.Once you implement these features,
let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll help you get there.


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