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Telecommunications and marketing are closely connected. Many smart entrepreneurs have long been using SMS in marketing purposes with ultimate success for their campaigns. Why? Simply due to the fact that SMS is a powerful moneymaking tool. 2018 tendency is as follows more and more companies turn to SMS messaging campaigns to boost their sales, establish better communication with the clients and increase the brand awareness altogether. This post is dedicated to making money by sending SMS to all interested parties.
There’s nothing supernatural in making money with SMS. Sending an SMS message takes a second, but may result in millions of turnover depending on a scale of a particular campaign organized by a particular company.
This type of information channel and the way of search for potential customers is rapidly gaining momentum. No wonder, sending SMS messages is about twice more effective for gaining potential customers, than any other way.
The fact is that sending SMS is as easy as ABC. To conduct an effective advertising campaign for many people, either regionally or globally, you must simply outreach and provide advertising to local media and simultaneously start bulk SMS messaging to the partners and customers.It is unlikely that while paying up an ad in a printed media, that is, in a newspaper or magazine, the audience will reach it out in time, read and react immediately. Even if it’s a B to B communication model, a very small number of people will get the data, as this advertising is already out-of-date, expensive and in addition, rather boring.
The advantage of sending SMS messages is that the cost of delivering one message is extremely low. On average, the cost of sending SMS in UK, for example, varies 2 or even fewer pounds per message.
And the larger the order, the cheaper the costs. That’s why bulk SMS messaging is so much sought after by many companies. In addition, each advertiser is offered a test mailing on a small client base (free sending SMS) so that he/she can be sure that this method of informing potential customers is the most suitable and thus, profitable.
SMS Distribution
Another thing is when a person receives a targeted ad, addressed personally to himher and “with a home delivery,” that is, directly on a mobile phone. Efficiency, that is, a return from such advertising, will be much higher than from any other advertising campaigns.
The ultimate success will depend on the temptation of the promotional offer, and it will be better if the sender’s website address will be included into SMS to show the door a client is actually eager to enter. Besides, an SMS recipient will receive more useful information about the offer, service and even more.
What You Need to Start the Business
They say, it’s possible to start your own SMS business having from $100 to $100000. There are numerous cases of successful SMS start-ups. So, perhaps, no matter how much you’ve got, the more important is how you invest it. All that you need is a free program with which you can start sending out promotional messages to mobile phones and a contract with the mobile operators.
Sending SMS using a program or an SMS messaging platform will be carried out through the web version on line or by means of using a mobile application. Modern telecommunications companies like BSG allows such platforms for leasing or purchasing, which may be a good start for your own SMS promotion business.
There are no difficulties. But there is one condition. You should gather a solid customer’s’ phone number database to know your target and send mass SMS messages successfully. For advertisers, this is an additional cost, and for you it’s a profit. You can buy such databases, which is illegal in a range of countries, especially when their cost is low, but the best thing is to gather the database from real customers that are interested in your services or products.
How to Work with Potential Customers
All financial institutions like banks and different private firms offer short-term loans or other services, lawyers, real estate agencies, stores, shopping malls, etc. can become your potential clients and their customers — your customers. The list is limitless.
And all work can be done at home by your personal computer. If you are through with the platform, you trigger mass SMS messaging by a single mouse click. Then the program itself will send a mass of SMS messages to the targeted audience. While you have tea or coffee, the work is perfectly done for you.
In order to buy an SMS distribution platform, all that you need is to enter a ‘BSG’ search query, look through the official website and contact support. You will definitely get many interesting sites that sell similar software packages, but not all of them are as cheap, easy and user-friendly as ABC. So, you’d better take your time to decide.
To dial available customers, you can do the same with the help of a bulk SMS messaging platform by sending your advertising messages to thousands of mobile phone owners you are familiarized with.
Cooperation Options
You can earn money using special bulk SMS messaging platforms or affiliate programs for cooperation. Companies like BSG work honestly and provide statistics on income in real time, which is easy to verify. You are in charge of your payments, money you earn are paid on time without delays and commissions, etc.
The following ways of earning are possible, which can be used simultaneously:
You can participate in an affiliate program and earn money simply by recruiting new customers to the service you choose. The share with the partners can reach 20 percent of the profits averagely, however, that depends on a company you pick. Or you may rent a platform and act as a seller. Each attracted customer will bring you revenue during the entire period of the platform use. Thus, your total profit will increase.
You can create new customers, manage them and assign them in the re-seller’s office. Your customers will have their own private office the same as if they were registered. At the same time you have the opportunity to earn on the price difference in accordance with the company’s tariffs and the tariffs established for customers. Each time the SMS message is sent from the customer’s account, the cost of the message is written off at its rate, and the difference in value with your tariff plan is credited to your account, etc.

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