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earn money by youtube

In this blog I will tell you how to earn money on youtube and become a famous youtuber in future. Youtube is a famous website where people share their videos and earn a lot of money.According to the world’s famous Newspaper named “Forbes” the Highest earning youtuber ,last year was a 7 years old boy named Ryan.He is a kid who just create a channel on youtube and only post videos in which he just reviews the children toys and earn about 22 million dollars in 2018.It is a pretty surprising.By this example we came to know how easy is it to make money on youtube. By the example of Ryan it is been proved that earning money is not based on age,it is just based on your skills.You just need an internet,a camera and idea.Idea and internet are compulsory while you need camera but sometime there is no need of camera.Actually nowadays everyone has a smartphone with brilliant scope cameras and idea is something that will generate in minds.The main thing in all of these are that you know how to monetize your content

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